Creative writing is one of the most opted skills by the people. Many people turned out to be great writers as they expressed themselves with clarity and precision. The creative competition was conducted on August 3rd, 2019 in the college hall at 7.30 am. The competition was held in all three languages Hindi, Marathi, English. students were asked to write on one of the three given topics. Students wrote some eye- catching articles. The competitions were vivid and impressive. The competition aims to instill creativity in children by encouraging and rewarding innovative thinking. The competition ended up with great success.


To imbue the true spirit of learning and enhance effective communication skills language- wise Extempore competition was organized on 13th August 2019 at 9.30 am in the college hall. The students spoke eloquently on varied topics. The event was a great learning experience for the students as they learned to express their views and opinions Spontaneously. They were Judged on Various criteria Like content, body language, fluency, etc. The supervisor Mrs. Sheetal Koradkar graced the occasion with her presence and was also judge for the event. The competition began with the welcoming of the student's participants and the guest Mr. Nikhil the event in-charge teacher was the compere the event. He Announces the Rules and Regulations of the competition in all there were Twenty-six participants, Then judge Announce the results. The vote of thanks given by Nikhil Naik event in-charge.


Science is Simply the word we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity. Our college organised Science Exhibition on 21st September 2019. The Exhibition was arranged in physics laboratory from 8:00 am to 10:00am. Prior to the Exhibition the projects of students with the code numbers were arranged and kept for judging .The incharge of exhibition was mrs Hemangi Sawant and Mr.shekhar patil. Honable Supervisor Mrs . Sheetal Koradkar and Miss. Sweety singh Lecturer of computer science from Viva college , virar (w) was the judges for the exhibition. Students were Probed with the Questions from judges related to their projects and students explained and tried their level best to satisfy the Queries of the Judges. In total thirteen different Projects were displayed. PRIZE - WINNER, I-PRICE - (code 107), Project - Microscope, Student - Dhruv Patil(XI sci)


"Solo Dance competition” was organized on 27th October 2019 from 7:30 am to 9.00 am in the college hall. we had blessed with renowned judge Mrs. Madhavi Rokade who has done her professional course of Bhatartnatyam and having more than 25 years of experience in her field. Another judge was, Mrs. Sheetal Sanjay Koradkar who is having a special interest in dance and singing. There was a total of 9 participants. Competitors were practiced well and it was tough competition amongst competitors. Mrs. Sheetal Koradkar addressed the students and announced results for senior college. Mrs. Rokade encouraged the participant and guided them well for future competition. Following are the winners: - I. Mandal Jaykant Lalit - - B. II. Khan Shehbaz Sarvar - - B. III. Ghadigankar Akshata Dattaram - - B. Consolation:- Patil Prathamesh Haresh - - B.



A Tree Plantation and cleanliness drive was held at Rajodi Beach on 7th July 2019 by our College. The program began at 7:30 am by welcoming the renowned dignitaries like Smt Ranjana Thalekar, Shri Jayprakash Thakur, Shri Anil Thakur, Shri Johnson Corriea, Shri Datta Patil, Mrs Sadana Marathe, Sarika Rawat I/C principal and Mrs Sheetal Koradkar. The program began with the rally where the students held play-cards in their hands spreading the message of cleanliness and saving mother earth from degradation. Mr. Johnson Corriea also guided the students on the conservation of the environment for the present as well as future generations. Students were very much thrilled and energetic throughout the program. Roundabout 100 Saplings were planted at Rajodi Beach. Students picked all the glass material & plastic waste and helped in maintaining cleanliness at the beach.



Apart from regular lectures our college also undertakes remedial and intensive teaching to assist students in order to achieve expected competencies in academic skills. Our teachers divide the syllabus in small module to ensure that pupils may acquire the knowledge as desired after the completion of each module. This also includes regular test series. The aim behind conducting this class is to help students build a good foundation for subject learning and self-learning. Similarly, the teachers also provides supplementary material to consolidate the student basic knowledge on the subject.