Our College Computer lab is a place for students to learn, think, create, explore and enhance their learning and scientific abilities. Students learn programming, automation and improve their basic computer skills which will help them later to define their career goals, entrepreneurship, and job opportunities. All the computers are installed with the latest windows operating system with strong backup system, applications related to document writing, financial management, graphics designing, programming, and digital marketing.


  • College has own server to facilitate student’s programs or codes.

  • A separate Computer and access to the internet, application software and printer for each student is being provided in our Air-conditioned Computer lab.

  • Cameras, video editing software are available in the Computer lab.

  • Printer, scanner, and Photocopy machine is available for the students.

  • In Computer lab, video conferencing, Speakers and communication tools are available.

  • A projector or big screen is available for presentation and events.

  • Facility of the Computer Lab is available to all the teachers if they want to teach the students using Audio and Video and internet tools.

  • Lab is under CCTV surveillance.