Vartak College

Mrs. Sheetal Koradkar

PADMASHREE BHAUSAHEB VARTAK COLLEGE established just four years ago has become a known institution within this time span. Thanks to the visionary insights of our philanthropic management, charismatic and ever enthusiastic principal ,ever energetic teaching and non teaching staff and supportive well wishers. Our college has now become a home for nearly 1100 plus students whose educational,creative and social needs are regularly nurtured here. We provide ample of opportunities not only to the growth and development of our students but also our staff who furnish themselves with contemporary techniques and skills required for the development of the college and the students . Slowly and gradually our college is gaining recognition within the academic as well as cultural circle of the university due to the overwhelming participation of our teachers and students.

We believe in ‘ purposeful life ‘ hence,we provide an explicit teaching learning process experience to our students using the latest technology along with the touch of traditional learning. Our staff is well versed in making their own e contents and creating a technically sound learning experience for our students. Thus , each day brings new ventures for our teachers and students. Undoubtedly our college has become a ‘hub ofcontemporary learning'. I’m sure that with the blessing of the almighty and our predecessors we will outshine as an institution par excellence.

     Thank You !