Principal Message



नास्ति विद्यासमो बन्धुर्नास्ति विद्यासमः सुहृत्।

नास्ति विद्यासमं वित्तं नास्ति विद्यासमं सुखम्॥

The above verse means “There is no friend, no companion, no wealth or no bliss as great as vidya (Knowledge) . The verse is significant to our college mission statement // Gyanomay Bhava// where acquisition of knowledge in all it’s encompasses is held as a paradigm of the academic scholastics.

We believe in not only providing academic excellence but also try to create within our students critical and logical thinking to quench their thirst of knowledge. Apart from regular learning we provide them situations and learning experiences which create in them the right spirit of knowledge acquisition. They are also taught to respect all and appreciate and nurture our Indian culture.

 Padmashree Bhausaheb Vartak college believes in holistic development of its students hence we focus on latest technological support in form of e-learning boards and well trained, equipped, motivated and qualified staff. The students are encouraged to hone their academic, cultural and co-curricular skills by providing them training through various types of coaching, remedial teaching, mentor mentee programs and in-house activities. The college also helps the students to participate in various intercollegiate and university level activities helping them to confidentially face the challenges of the new world.

Our faculties also are well equipped and trained into the latest technological and pedagogical skills they are developed through the various faculty development programs. They are always eager to participate in various seminars, workshops and conference organized by various departments of the University of Mumbai.

This website introduces our college to the students, parents and stake holders who are connected to our college. The website will provide the visitors with an over view of the college activities and working. It will also provide all the administrative support required along with the ways to make their access with the college easier.